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Welcome New Directors!

We are pleased to announce the members of the Mershon-Neumann Heritage Chapter have elected three new board members at the annual meeting held on January 15, 2024. The new directors will begin their terms in May. Please join us in welcoming:

Alitha Klele

 Alitha Klele: Alitha has been active in our communication committee since 2021. Although she is just starting to fly fish, she has a long history of caring about the environment and working to improve the Rifle River.


Gino Agosta

Gino Agosta: Gino recently joined our chapter, moving from the Clinton Valley Chapter of TU. Gino enjoys socializing as much as fishing, making him a great choice for events chair. He has created a Facebook group, Mershon-Neumann Fishing with Friends, for people to ask and answer questions as well as organize spontaneous fishing trips.

Stacie Gath

 Stacie Gath: Stacie is our liaison with Saginaw County 4H. She is a natural educator and has helped us expand our reach to youth in our area. Stacie is always busy fishing, hiking, or doing yoga.

We are excited to welcome our new board members, and we thank Jeff Minnis, Laura Stockwell, and Chris Myers for their service to the board. All three have promised to continue being involved in the chapter.

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