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Tie-a-thon Shirts are Here!

And they look great!

Last winter the Mershon-Neumann Heritage Chapter held a fly tying event for the Tie-a-thon ( One hundred squirmy wormies were sent to Indiana, joining

44,800 flies given to the Mayfly Project, the Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock of New York, and Reeling in Serenity of Atlanta. In addition, several members independently sent in flies.

Started in 2006, the Tie-a-thon began as an effort to help the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited get enough flies for the Michigan Trout Unlimited Youth Camp. Fast forward 17 years; more than 220,00 flies have been donated to non-profit organizations focused on fly fishing therapy and education. Members from our chapter have personally been able to use some of these flies at Casting for Recovery, MITU Youth Camp and Anglers of the Ausable Youth Program.

We were generously given some extra shirts to use during future events. Please watch this page to see when and where you can earn a shirt! For more information, visit

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