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New partnership with SB-CISMA Helps Fight Invasive Species

We are happy to announce we have a new partner in the work we do to protect our cold water resources....SB- CISMA (Saginaw Bay Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area).

As we hear more and more about the effects of invasive species on our prized watersheds it becomes apparent we need to learn more so we can do more. Forming a partnership with SB-CISMA is just one step forward in our fight to keep the waters clear.

SB-CISMA is a framework of collaborative communities working cooperatively: managing the environmental and economic impacts of invasive species. Think of them as a clearing house for different organziations to come together with knowledge, volunteers, and an interest in learning how to control species such as didymo and New Zealand mud snails.

Please watch our website for educational and volunteer opportunities involving the elimination of invasive species.

  • Residents or anglers who frequent the AuGres River will be interested in learning how you can help contril FrogBit.

  • If you frequent a site entering the river that could use a sign reminding anglers or boaters about the risk of transferring invasive species between rivers, please contact Sb-CISMA through their website. They have signs available to educate river users.

For more information about SB-CISMA, please go to

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