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House Bill 5108 - Do You Want Commercial Fisheries To Profit From Public Resources?

House Bill 5108 specifically proposes giving fixed allocations of popular and fully utilized and allocated gamefish species to a small number of private commercial fishing businesses to increase their profitability. This bill allows wasteful fishing practices, and directly takes fishing opportunities away from the public who equally share them and fund their management and gives it to private for-profit businesses.

Additionally, the bill mandates a variety of commercial fishing gear types to be allowed, regardless of the environmentally harmful nature of them (e.g., indiscriminate gill nets, or trawling gear). House Bill 5108 can be accessed and reviewed here.

We encourage you to consider learning what this bill will mean to you and then contacting your elected legislators to voice your opinion. Michigan Trout Unlimited has established a page for you to send your thoughts to your representatives.

Click here to be directed to the MITU page-

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