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Gamble Creek Stream Improvement- Success!

This trout habitat not only made it through the winter, but now has a deep gravel bottomed pool under it

Last August several members and friends of the Mershon-Neumann Heritage Chapter met to build five trout habitats on the banks of Gamble Creek. Located within Rifle River Recreation Area, this tributary of the Rifle has a long history of being cold enough, but still not supporting the growth and numbers of trout that would be expected. By adding cover in key areas, it is hoped that the trout will stay in the stream to breed and grow.

After a winter and spring, the structures are, for the most part, still intact; two even show an increase in gravel and pools at the site. Only one of the structures did not survive the winter and spring's change in water level and flow.

The same structure last August

While there has not been an official fish count, antidotal observations show more than a few trout located in the stream this spring. More data is expected to be collected as part of a routine monitoring schedule, so watch for updates.

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