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Gamble Creek Completion!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

And just like that, five structures for trout to live were installed on Gamble Creek!

Thank you to the twenty people who came to the work site this morning to install woody debris along the banks.

The whole project has been a learning experience. We have been taught stream dynamics, permit process, anchoring options... But most of all we have learned that people care and want to help improve our cold water resources.

Thank you to Larry Brown for all the trips up to the river to measure, cut, plan... Thank you to Tina Goodman and the American Daughters of Conservation for coming; we are looking forward to future collaborations. Thank you to Jason Wilburn from Michigan Crossroads Counsel and Cole Canoe Bar for the help and food! Thank you to Family Fare for the dungeons of snacks and drinks. And thank you for the support from our chapter, including the Rifle River Restoration Committee.

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