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Fishing with Friends

Working Together.....we get things done!

Our first ever "Fishing with Friends" event was straightforward and meaningful to all who participated. The collaboration of women from chapters across the state of Michigan gave women just learning to fly fish a chance to gain fellowship and experience wading and fishing in the renowned Au Sable River.

The Mershon-Neumann Heritage Chapter of Trout Unlimited partnered with Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited , Kalamazoo Valley Trout Unlimited, and the wonderful staff at the Gates Au Sable Lodge to put on the event. Supported by guests, family, friends and mentors, women came together to learn from each other, enjoy time on the water and get some fishing in on a beautiful fall day.

The day started at Gates Au Sable Lodge with Mark Hendricks presenting a practical lesson in casting, reading the river, mending, and how to land and release a fish. After lunch in the Boardroom at Gates Lodge AuSable Lodge, nine mentors paired up with women on the river to practice and gain confidence in wading, casting and mending. The day ended at Gray Rock, where fish stories and plans for the next event were discussed over great bar food.

To find out about future events like this, follow our facebook page,, or keep checking back on this page.

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