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Discover the Exciting Women's Events Now Available on Michigan Trout Unlimited's New Page!

On February 21 members of Trout Unlimited met to discuss options for increasing the quantity and quality of women's programs in Michigan.   Increasing diversity through developing activities to include more women has shown that women have a great time with new skills and friends; but also that the entire TU community is enriched.  Women joining TU have added new ideas, inspiration to other under-served populations, creativity in getting more members, and events, and are  providing more hands for already existing programs and projects.

The Michigan Trout Unlimited site has added a page just for the women's programs, located under the "Get Involved" tab: Here you will find not only our own event, Women n Waders, occurring April 20, but other women focused events throughout the state.

If you are interested in finding other events and programs offered by chapters throughout Michigan, please visit the calendar section of MITU:

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