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Cedars For The Au Sable Planting And Protection Project

Mershon-Neumann Heritage Chapter donates money annually to the Cedars For The Au Sable Planting And Protection Project. For the past 27 years, this group has worked to encourage river property owners to replant native northern white-cedar seedlings along the river's edge to help maintain the delicate balance of the river’s ecological system. Since the beginning of this project in 1997 by the Au Sable River Property Owners Alliance (ARPOA), over 27,000 northern white-cedar seedlings have been planted and protected in enclosures.

Volunteer members of the ARPOA pre-package northern white-cedar seedlings into a planting kit. Included in this planting kit are: 10 northern white-cedar seedlings, protective fencing material, wooden stakes, and complete planting instructions.

Plantings and caring of existing cedars continue within the Mason Tract by the Anglers of the Au Sable, Mason – Griffith Founders Chapter (Grayling) of Trout Unlimited, Mershon-Neumann Heritage (Saginaw) Chapter of TU, Sierra Club, and the Headwaters Chapter (Gaylord) of Trout Unlimited. This is part of the on-going Mason Tract Northern White-cedar Reforestation Project which planted and protected 900 cedar seedlings within the Mason Tract.

Project chairman Howard Johnson announced that the program to further protect the maturing northern white cedars that have been planted in previous years is continuing. Past project participants may purchase the larger enclosures at McLean’s Ace Hardware in Grayling when their seedlings outgrow their existing small enclosures. This taller enclosure is black PVC coated fencing material that will make the enclosure inconspicuous at the river's edge. The cost of this larger enclosure, along with three additional treated wooden stakes is $10.00. This expense is partially subsidized by the Au Sable River Property Owners Alliance and project sponsor McLean's Ace Hardware.

To order planting kits for next summer, (or to start a similar project on your favorite river) please contact project chairman Howard N. Johnson at 989-280-0381,, or visit the web site: for more information or to make a donation to the project.

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